Pretty soon most companies may benefit from speech recognition technology,
according to the most recent Gartner Hype Cycle, which keeps tabs on new
technologies from the moment of introduction and through several stages of

“The Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies features technologies that are the
focus of attention in the IT industry because of particularly high levels of
hype, or those that may not be broadly acknowledged but which we believe have
the potential for significant impact,” said Jackie Fenn, vice president and
Gartner fellow.

Gartner places speech recognition on what the research firm calls the “slope
of enlightenment.” This means the technology has surpassed its “peak of inflated
expectations” and weathered the “trough of disillusionment.”

The slope of enlightenment is when the businesses begins to set realistic
goals for the technology, which in the case of speech recognition is improved
efficiency and productivity.

The next and final stage of the hype cycle is the “plateau of productivity.”
This is the period when expectations and actual return on investment meet.

This finding is echoed by Paul Ross, of American Dictation Corp.  “Speech recognition, specifically Nuance’s suite of Dragon products, continues to get better and better.  It is now at the point where almost any user can see immediate productivity increases.  We have found many uses for it in our own environment from blog posting to adding new products and their respective descriptions and technical specifications to our website.  The possibilities really are endless”.

Additional Information and videos of Speech recognition in use can be found  at American Dictation’s sister site American Speech Solutions.