When reporters are out in the field interviewing people, they have to rely on
equipment that won’t fail them. The same goes for healthcare specialists who
make use of voice recording devices for future transcribing. Professionals
looking for the right recording equipment at an affordable price might want to check out the Olympus DS3400 .

The Olympus DS3400 is an efficient device, perfect for those who are always
on to go. As a part of its ergonomic design, the DS3400 offers three buttons
right at the front, which can be programmed and customized to function the way
you want it to. The voice recorder also comes equipped with a 1GB SD memory card
for hours of dictation.

The DS recorder comes with its own Player Pro Software as well, giving you
the ability to quickly download your audio file for transcription, whether you
are e-mailing the record or doing the transcribing right on your computer.

With the Olympus brand, you can be sure that you are getting one of the best and most reliable
handheld voice recorders on the market