In terms of new technology adoption, healthcare has often lagged behind other
industries. Electronic medical records have been slow to take off, as have
modern mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

But healthcare has proven to be a pioneer in the use of recorded dictation
and voice recognition software.

Documentation consumes a great deal of healthcare provider’s time, a recent
ASC Review report stated. For this reason, many physicians have turned to
digital dictation devices, which enables them to be more efficient by
eliminating the need for handwritten or typed notes.

Physicians are also embracing medical speech recognition software, which
allows notes to be dictated directly into a software system, saving the need for
a transcriptionist. Additionally, many software vendors offer file transfer
services that allow healthcare providers to securely send and store
transcriptions on subscription-based websites.

The most common voice recognition software is Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which
can be found on Dragon is currently in its 11th version,
which features a new user interface and smarter correcting and editing