The St. Anthony Hospital Group, headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, recently
announced it has deployed Dragon Medical speech recognition software from Nuance
to speech-enable its documentation process.

St. Anthony chose Dragon Medical after a pilot program demonstrated the
technology’s benefits. During the test run, speech recognition saved an average
of 1.6 minutes per dictation, a key figure for one of the busiest trauma
networks in the nation. As a whole, the group averages 100,000 emergency room
visits per year.

“Results from the pilot program validated our belief that Dragon Medical is
the best real-time speech recognition solution. Within two hours for most
physicians, Dragon Medical became core to our Emergency Department workflow,”
said Rob Schmidt, an emergency room doctor for St. Anthony.

Since deployment, physicians have also spent less time editing medical
records and improved patient care through improved accuracy in medical records,
the organization said.

American Dictation Corp. offers a full line of products from Nuance, the speech
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