IBM has found another use for supercomputer Watson besides beating human
competitors in Jeopardy! According to a press release from the tech corporation,
IBM is teaming up with speech recognition software company Nuance to develop a
high-tech system for healthcare organizations.

The use of IBM’s Deep Question Answering, Natural Language Processing, and
Machine Learning capabilities with Nuance’s speech recognition and Clinical
Language Understanding solutions can help in diagnosing and possibly treating
patients in healthcare facilities, the press release explains. The
supercomputer’s ability to analyze human language and quickly process
information can be a great help when it comes to decision-making for those
working in the medical field.

The addition of Nuance’s speech recognition to Watson’s system means that
specialists can conveniently go through patient transcriptions alongside current
reference materials and gather information for an efficacious diagnosis and

Other organizations contributing to the research include the University of
Maryland School of Medicine and Columbia University Medical Center, which could
identify which medical field the Watson and Nuance systems could contribute to
the most.