As digital dictation becomes a popular technology to increase productivity,
adoption has become more widespread and vendors are innovating products to meet
companies’ various needs.

That’s evident with the Pathologist’s Wet Location Recording System from American Dictation Corp. , a longtime leader in the digital dictation market. The dictation system
is a favorite among pathologists, but is also perfect for use in environments
where equipment may get wet.

That’s because the foot pedal to control recording and dictation playback is
completely waterproof. It’s 14-foot cord that plugs into a cradle for the Olympus DS-5000 digital
voice recorder allows the user to place the equipment in an optimal location.
Hands-free operation of the foot pedal means users are better able to

The system also features an 18-inch, table-top Gooseneck Microphone with a
10-foot cord. The microphone captures rich sound quality, making the later
process of transcription much easier on the user.

Security features are another reason the system is preferred by pathologists.
It supports encryption and decryption of dictation files transferred over the network or
internet and is password-enabled to protect files on the digital voice

For a busy pathologist working in a wet or potentially wet environment, this kit is guaranteed to increase productivity.