To save time and effort associated with paperwork and documentation,
insurance executives have begun utilizing a combination digital voice recorders, speech recognition 
and third-party transcription services.

Executives dictate notes into their voice recording device which can automatically transfer the
file to a transcriptionist or secretary via network mapping, e-mail, or ftp transfer.

The process is touted for easing the burden of paperwork for insurance
executives while also ensuring accuracy.

Professional line recorders such as the Olympus DS-5000 and the Philips DPM9600 can be configured to automate the process so that the executives or agents only need to record their voice, and dock the recorder, letting the software do the rest.

Incredibly, with a quick four minute training, the recorded voice files can even be converted to text automatically with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional.

“This saves them valuable time from typing the documents themselves, besides
saving them costs,” according to a report on the blog for Mass Mutual

Before leveraging dictation technology, insurance professionals were
forced to put in extra hours at the office completing paperwork. One
Philadelphia executive mentioned in the report routinely spends six to seven
hours completing paperwork.

Digital recording devices, such as those available at American Dictation.,
can ease the process of reporting and filling out insurance claims and other
paperwork.   To shorten the learning curve and assure correct installation and usage, American Dictation offers free setup of all of it’s professional products via a remote support session.