Law Enforcement Solutions

Whether documenting a traffic stop or recording an interrogation, having an accurate recording of the event could mean the difference between a conviction or a walk. Reliability, convenience, and security are tops on the list when considering the voice recording tools for those who keep the peace.


Speech Recognition designed for Law Enforcement is here!

Chain of Evidence

High-fidelity recording is not always enough. Protecting the recording against alterations and changes in the field means that your recording can stand up in court. For that reason, many of our law enforcement customers choose recorders that do not have in-recorder editing capabilities. Our selection of Voice & Music recorders, for example, are ideal choices since they offer lightweight design, high capacities, low costs and “record-once” features.

Interviews and Interrogations

When interviewing suspects, it is often a challenge to capture voices clearly enough for accurate transcription. Many people mumble and used tapes can often diminish fidelity while adding artifacts from previous recordings. Digital conference recording systems from American Dictation can help eliminate these concerns while giving your investigators portability and easy use.

Accuracy is the Key

Once a recording is made, transcribing the voices into usable transcripts requires a professional transcription kit with the tools to help the transcriptionists understand each spoken utterance and nuance. Two-channel transcription kits allow the transcriptionist to isolate one of the stereo channels used in an interview in order to better hear a particular speaker.

Customer Favorites

From local arson investigators to the FBI, American Dictation has helped many law enforcement agencies outfit their members with the digital dictation tools to meet their requirements. The following are some of the more popular choices.

Olympus WS-852 Voice Recorder

Olympus-WS-852-digital-recorder-for-police-officersWe have sold hundreds of these recorders to police departments across the country. Inexpensive enough to be replaced if damaged, they are a good solution for officers in the field. Very high quality at a very low price point.

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Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit

Versatile file management, encrypted FTP, e-mail, and network transmissions of voice files and documents.

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