Tired of the challenge it faced in managing a fragmented dictation platform,
Whitfield and Eddy, a law firm based in Des Moines, Iowa, recently announced in a press release that it
has successfully implemented a unified digital dictation solution.

The law firm, with its approximately 75 attorneys, had been using analog
recorders coupled with standalone software.

The firm has realized its goal of increased efficiency with the new digital
dictation deployment, it confirmed in a statement. An added bonus is that more
of the workforce in all four of its offices have realized the benefits of the
dictation platform.

“A process that used to take up to 15 administrative staff hours each month
has been reduced to a matter of minutes. Instead of the time pressured HR team
waiting for our IT staff to reconfigure someone’s set up, HR can make the change
themselves and ensure our lawyers have access to the support resource they need
in the shortest possible time,” the firm said.

Software and tools needed to deploy speech recognition and digital dictation
are available at American Dictation The site also contains all the necessary
information for deploying a dictation platform.  For more information and advice, contact American Dictation directly at 1-866-408-1383.