Lawyers preparing ahead of a trial may have dozens of documents to sift
through. Whether its conversations with the client or research on evidence,
there is a lot to do before stepping into a court room.

Not only is preparation a major part of any lawyer’s responsibilities, it
also can be a job unto itself.

That’s why many have turned to productivity-enhancing technology, such as
digital dictation and speech recognition. Lawyers can use both to ease the
burden, while also shortening the time it takes to get done.

By using a digital voice recorder, lawyers can document their notes in one
convenient location without digging through notebooks to locate a piece of
information. Transcription software can then be used to turn the digital audio
file into a text document.

With speech recognition, lawyers can use the software to enter their notes
directly into a text file. It cuts out the need for transcription and ensures
all thoughts are captured.  Most lawyers find that a combination of Digital Dictation/Transcription and Speech Recognition  can increase their productivity, without shifting too much of the burden onto the attorneys.

“We recommend a conventional digital dictation and transcription package with Dragon 11 Legal to attorneys as a matter of course, states Paul Ross, of American Dictation Corp.  We suggest that the Dragon be installed on the legal secretary’s workstation as well as the attorneys.  Our setups generally include the use of a high quality dictation system such as our Philips TS-9600, so that the attorney can record his dictations, and have them automatically run through Dragon Legal at the secretaries desk.”

“The secretary then simply formats the document created by Dragon and makes any needed corrections.  The real power of this system, is that when the legal secretary corrects the text document, the attorney’s user dragon user profile is updated and future accuracy improves.”

“The attorney can then use the Dragon on his machine for quick document, emails, etc. without getting lost in  full document creation”

“This really shifts the burden of training Dragon Legal from the attorney to the legal secretary, while still saving the secretary time.  Used correctly, it is a win win situation”.

All of the products necessary for this system are available at American Dictation Corp, and videos of Dragon in action are available at their sister site American Speech Solutions.

Most importantly, however is the free advice given by their experts at 1-866-408-1383.