Current and prospective secretaries and personal assistants in the legal
sector are once again adding dictation to their skill sets to bolster their productivity or
make them appear more attractive for hire, according to a recent Recruiter

Reduced budgets and slashed staffs mean these professionals must find ways to
become more productive, and many have begun using digital dictation, transcription and voice
recognition software to do so. Dictation for legal professionals can help them
speed up their documentation processes accurately and efficiently.

While dictation has always been the among the most efficient method of transferring ideas to paper, many young lawyers had gotten away from the practice as they typically possessed more skills with computers and word processing applications.

Now that we have seen the end of bloated budgets and excess staff,  law firms are feeling the need to get back to their roots and are pushing for efficiencies in the workplace.  Speech recognition and digital dictation fills this need seamlessly.

Realizing this trend, job seekers have embraced and familiarized
themselves with the technology to get a leg up in the competitive jobs market,
according to Recruiter.

“We are working with the Institute of Legal Secretaries. We are trying to
make sure candidates have IT skills and knowledge of all the Microsoft Office
packages, as well as typing, copy typing, audio typing, computerized digital transcription skills and have updated their experience on their CVs,” Jemma Tack, a
professional recruiter, told the publication.

Adding a digital dictation, speech recognition and transcription worklfow can dramatically increase productivity and profitability.  It is incredibly sophisticated software that is extremely easy to use.

The attorney or person dictating simply records their voice file, and docks their recorder, the rest is done for them.    The voice file can be automatically routed through speech recognition where it is converted to text,  and be automatically routed to the legal secretaries desk for formatting and editing.

A perennial favorite in the legal community is American Dictation’s Philips TS-9600 kit , which includes the class leading Philips DPM 9600 and 7277 Transcription Kit., coupled with the new Dragon 11 Legal.   It is everything needed for an attorney and legal secretary all at a low price. 

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