Looking to ease the deployment of electronic medical records, DePaul Health
Center in Bridgeton, Missouri, has hired scribes for its emergency room to
record medical information during patient visits. However, digital dictation may
be a more efficient and cost-effective option.

Scribes enter patient data into a computer system as they answer a doctor’s
questions. Eventually, each doctor will be assigned a scribe, according to St.
Louis Post-Dispatch report.

But scribes wouldn’t be necessary if the hospital implemented digital
dictation technology. Doctors could use digital voice recorders to record
patient information and transcribe it at a later time. That seems like a better
option than having another person in the room with patient, typing away as the
patient describes their symptoms.

“I can just completely focus on and deal with the patient,” Dr. Brian Lebo
told the newspaper. He could enjoy the same benefits with digital dictation at a
lower cost to the hospital.

More information on digital dictation and its benefits for healthcare
organizations can be found at American Dictation Corp. Tools and software for
deploying a digital dictation platform are also available from the website.