Olympus / M*Modal Medical Speech Recognition Bundle

Mmodal Fluency Direct Medical




 Finally Medical Speech recognition that is simple, accurate, and affordable.  Who thought it was possible?

M*Modal Fluency Direct medical speech recognition does exactly what you need it to do, and can do it from anywhere.  It is a purpose built speech to text program designed solely for the medical professional.

Award winning Olympus RM-4010P microphone included

While others will rapidly increase your user cost with hardware and peripherals sold as “mandatory options”  we give you what you need the first time, in one exclusive bundle.

Cloud Based User Profile

You can use your trained voice profile form anywhere – anytime.  Portability equals less user profile maintenance and training and increased profitability.

Unmatched out of the box Accuracy

M*Modal Fluency Direct, combined with the included Olympus RM-4010P microphone provides the highest levels of speed and accuracy available on the market today.

"In terms of the choice in M*Modal, number one was accuracy. Number two was accuracy. And number three was accuracy."

       -Dr. Michael Sanders, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Flagler Hospital

Seamless EHR Integration

M*Modal Fluency Direct is compatible with over 100 EHRs, including all major platforms.  Meet your EHR adoption goals ahead of time with higher user satisfaction scores than you thought possible.

"Data entry is one of the big hurdles for physicians migrating to an EHR, and the Fluency Direct product reduces physician anxiety related to keyboarding their documentation."

       -Dr. Charles Sawyer, Chief Health Informatics Officer, Geisinger Health System

Easiest and Fastest Deployment in the Industry

Cloud based Fluency Direct is easily deployed and scaled since it easily runs within almost any environment.  PC, virtual, thin client and server architectures are easily managed.

"The speech recognition was better but the big win over the competition was M*Modal’s single, cloud-hosted voice file – not multiple voice files as the competition – which was critical to our physicians for its portability and the added security of never losing it."

       -Dr. David Danhauer, MD, CMIO, Owensboro Health

Fluency Direct gets Better and Better

As you make corrections and add words and phrases, your user profile is continually updated building higher dictation accuracy as you go.

Automatic Upgrades

Rather than a two or three year upgrade cycle, your purchase is for a three year license during which time any upgrades and improvements are automatically pushed out to you as they come.  Convenience and savings at the same time.