Digital recording devices are more frequently being implemented into the
New York City Criminal Court as the number of court reporters taking
early retirement increases, the New York Law Journal recently reported.

About 70 court reporters, mostly from the New York Supreme Court, will
take early retirement later this month, Judge Lawrence Marks told the
New York Law Journal. To fill these vacancies, the Unified Court System
will bring up reporters from the Criminal Court. As a result the
Criminal Court will be short about 15 reporters.

Twenty-seven voice recording devices have been purchased for use in the
Criminal Court. Marks said the new machines will incorporate “high
quality” digital technology that is able to streamline the
transcription process.

Voice recording devices will first be introduced for summons, then for
night and weekend arraignment hearings, Marks said. If necessary, the
devices will eventually be implemented for day arraignment hearings as

Digital recording devices, such as the popular Olympus DS-5000 can ease the process of reporting courtroom hearings. In addition, American Dictation offers a line of legal speech recognition products that can help courts produce transcriptions quickly and accurately.