Traditional digital voice recorders aren’t capable of properly recording a
music performance. Their single microphone can only pick up sound from one
direction, and recordings can suffer from poor recording because they only
utilize one channel.

However, the Zoom H4n four-channel digital voice recorder isn’t your everyday
device. Zoom’s recorder features all the capabilities a musician needs to
capture all aspects of a performance in rich-quality sound.

For starters, the H4n features onboard X/Y stereo condenser microphones,
which are adjustable to capture a recording pattern of either 90 or 120 degrees.
The ability to connect two or more microphones gives the device the ability to
record on four separate channels at the same time.

For truly enhanced recordings, the H4n features a built-in mixer, allowing
the user to blend recordings from each channel seamlessly. That will ensure that
every instrument and every note is heard clearly on a recording. Sound quality
is further enhanced with the option of recording in up to 24-bit/96-kHz linear
PCM WAV files for better than CD quality audio.

The device also features built-in editing capabilities for quick and easy
minor edits. Major changes can be made later on with the included Cubase LE