Music Recorders

When you don’t have a music recording studio with you, but you still want the best quality sound possible, consider a music and voice recorder from American Dictation.

These advanced technology recorders are designed to capture all types of special events, from meetings and lectures, to choir rehearsals and concerts. Quality stereo microphones and high sampling rates give you the ability to capture every sound with the most clarity possible with an affordable device.

Both Windows and Mac compatible, the Olympus music and voice recorders are packed with features you’ll find indispensable.

Olympus LS-P4 Linear PCM music recorder

Olympus LS-P4 Linear PCM music ad voice recorder

Philips DVT6500 digital recorder

8% off!

Need a metal framed, high quality recorder for under $150?  You can stop looking! The Philips DVT6500 digital recorder is the highest quality voice and music recorder made by Philips. Remote control included. Free Shipping

Philips Voice Tracer DVT6110 audio recorder

4% off!

Philips DVT6010/00 Digital Voice Tracer.

Designed for accurate recordings of Interviews and Lectures

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