Digital dictation, whether it’s recording a patient visit  or documenting a
team meeting within a company, is generally done with a handheld recorder.  There are
times, however, when it is easier to just call it in using a cell phone or office telephone system.

That’s where the AppTec Call-in DigiTel system comes in handy. Since it is a modular system, allowing from 1 to 32 simultaneous telephone connections, the system is
perfect for any size company looking to expand its digital dictation platform to
cover telephone calls.

The Call-in DigiTel system connects standard phone lines directly to the user’s
computer through a pod connected via a USB port. That makes for easy recording that requires very
little interaction for the user. Also, the files are automatically downloaded
onto the computer to keep an organized record of a conversation for later

FTPMagic software is included in the package. Files can be uploaded and
transferred to others through a reliable FTP solution that is easy to set up and
configure. That means better collaboration and sharing of ideas when sharing the
audio files.