Dragon Legal 14 (Individual) is here.

Nuance has announced the arrival of the newest version of Dragon Legal.  Perhaps taking a cue from Microsoft’s Windows, they opted to call this version Dragon Legal Individual as opposed to the numerically correct Dragon Legal 14.

Dragon Legal 14

The good news is that this version is not only the latest and greatest in terms of accuracy and speed, it is also less expensive than it’s predecessor at only $499.99.

Dragon Legal Individual allows the busy practitioner of law to create Legal documents from anywhere using the new Dragon Anywhere Program, while also allowing more conventional workflow such as direct desktop use, or use with a digital recorder, such as the Philips DPM-8000.  The SpeechExec Pro software included with the DPM-8000 drastically increases productivity by automatically converting voice files to Word documents quickly, and accurately.



“Faced with important responsibilities to clients, trial preparation and time in the courtroom, lawyers need tools that simplify administrative duties like documentation,” said Peter Mahoney, senior vice president and general manager of Dragon. “We designed the latest version of Dragon Legal Individual with individual professionals and smaller practices in mind, and by introducing it at a brand new price point, we’re making the software more accessible to a larger segment of the legal industry. With updated dictation, transcription, and mobility components, Dragon Legal Individual allows legal professionals to complete documentation wherever their work takes them.”