Nuance Communications, one of the leading providers of speech recognition
software, will soon give healthcare developers the chance to access their
systems through a cloud-based platform.

The Nuance Healthcare Development Platform’s cloud capabilities will enable
healthcare providers the ability to incorporate Nuance’s programs into their own
internal networks that make use of browser-based and mobile applications,
according to HealthTech Wire. With the system now available in 23 languages,
organizations around the world will be able to benefit from the new

The platform can create a wide array of new clinical solutions that will make
hospital operations quicker and easier. Because of this, speech recognition
software can be brought to different devices in the organization including
smartphones and tablets for easier wireless access, the news outlet explains.
Doctors and nurses dictating, whether next to their patients or in their office,
can then have their notes easily transmitted through cloud and into a central

At the same time, patients can also benefit from the Nuance cloud system. The
news outlet adds that with the platform in place, patients can easily login to
local hospital web portals where they can dictate their medical information for
future reference.