In response to suggestions from its customers, who now account for more than
33 percent of radiologists in the United States, medical speech recognition
leader Nuance recently released PowerScribe 360.

The new offering combines functions of both PowerScribe and RadWhere into an
advanced radiology reporting and communications platform, according to

PowerScribe 360 brings together the market’s most accurate medical speech
recognition software with several other functionalities, including the ability
for core radiology reporting and options for critical test result management and
external data capture.

“The new features in PowerScribe 360 represent an ’embarrassment of riches’
with a modular design and customizability that allows system administrators and
users to modify their organizational and personal instances of the platform to
an almost infinite degree,” said Christopher Sistrom, the vice chair and
associate professor in the Department of Radiology at the University of

Many healthcare organizations are realizing the efficiency and cost-saving
benefits of using medical dictation software.