Nuance and FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A. are teaming up to develop products
that can efficiently assist radiologists in their task of creating reports,
according to Nuance.

With this agreement, the companies are hoping to
make it even easier for radiologists who use the FUJIFILM Synapse system – a
medical imaging and information management system – to input data at faster
speeds through dictation. The company explains that the collaboration can turn
three steps – speech-enabled reporting, dictation, and data analysis – into

Not only will it make radiologists’ job easier, patients can also
benefit from a more organized approach to data delivery. “As a result of
Fujifilm’s relationship with Nuance, our customers can expect a more streamlined
reporting process, expanded product capabilities, and the ability to enhance the
patient care they deliver,” explains Jim Morganm VP of Medical Informatics for
FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A.

Integrating the Nuance system into
healthcare organization systems can definitely increase the efficiency and
quality in reporting patient data. In fact, Janet Dillione, Executive Vice
President for Nuance Healthcare, adds that the Nuance software is now already
being used by more than 33 percent of all radiologists in the country.