Remember when pocket voice recorders were bulky and analog? They used to
require cassette tapes in order to record at least an hour’s worth of audio.
These days, technology has enabled manufacturers to produce sleek and stylish
recorders without the annoyance of the reverberations of the tape inside.

Olympus’ newest device in the field, the DM-2 Digital Recorder, not only
offers a modern look but also performs much better than the analog gadgets of
the past.

Perhaps the most distinct feature of the audio recorder is the LCD screen –
it resembles a smartphone with ergonomically designed buttons, perfect for those
professionals with a flair for tech-fashion. The 2.2-inch screen displays a
variety of data for easy file organization and management.

Besides how it looks, the Olympus DM-2 Digital Recorder packs a wallop in the
memory department. The device has a 4GB internal memory that gives you 977 hours
of recording time. You can also easily upload your audio with its USB
plug-and-play compatibility.

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