Doctors looking to deploy or improve a digital dictation platform need to
look no further than the Olympus DS-5000 digital voice recorder, the flagship device from the country’s industry leader.

Because the accompanying software was designed specifically to integrate with
Dragon Medical from Nuance, doctors can quickly and easily convert their recorded audio
files into text.

Practitioners can be assured that the accuracy of such files is unparalleled, because Nuance
is the industry leader, boasting greater than 95 percent accuracy. Add in the
DS-5000’s superior sound quality, and accuracy is all but guaranteed to be as close to
flawless as allowed using today’s highest technology.

Olympus has redesigned nearly all features to upgrade the discontinued DS-4000,
previously the company’s top device. The DS-5000 even features a redesigned
docking cradle
, developed to reduce wear, and give the user a station for quick
charging and easy connectivity through a standard USB port.

When used within the complete DSS Player Pro Release 5 solution, the security
of audio files while being transferred can be enhanced through the use of
encryption. That means doctors sharing files and transferring them to colleagues
can be confident they are complying with HIPAA mandates.