Since the era of the cassette based Dictaphones, dictation technology has steadily improved, first entering the digital era, and now directly integrating with speech recognition software.   Olympus, a leader in Dictation, has released their new recorder.  The DS7000 digital dictation recorder is the latest flagship product from industry leading Olympus that promises to replace it’s predecessor the DS-5000 as the king of the hill.  Designed with a huge 2″ color LCD screen, the DS7000 is intuitive and easy to navigate.



The microphone resides in it’s own housing, increasing the sound reproduction quality tremendously, and earning this device 5 Dragons for it’s unparalleled accuracy when using speech recognition software.  In addition to increased accuracy, the recorder comes with newly designed software, now labeled the Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS). This software seamlessly integrates with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  After linking the software to your existing Dragon profile, you merely read 4 minutes of text into your recorder and you are off to the races.

Drop the DS7000 into the cradle and watch in amazement as the voice file is accurately transcribed into a Word document.  The voice file is held behind the text document so the final document can be easily formatted or edited by the user, transcriptionist, or legal secretary.

The DS7000 also boasts the industry’s highest level of encryption at 128 or 256 bit real time encryption.  This, in addition to using the optional device password lock feature, provides the highest level of HIPAA compliance and security available on the market today.

With expandable memory capacity up to 32 GB using the included microSD card, and supplemental SD/SDHC slot, the user never needs to worry about running out of space to record.  This is backed up by a new Li-ion rechargeable battery that powers the unit for up to 26 hours of actual recording time between charges. The unit charges in it’s docking cradle via USB or A/C power, with both cable included.

The Olympus DS7000 and the ODMS are compatible with Windows XP / Vista and 7 (32 and 64 bit) computers, as well as Mac OS X.  On the Mac side, there is some limitations, as the software does not integrate with Dragon Dictate for Mac, and cannot automatically send dictations to a remote transcriptionist via e-mail or FTP (File Transfer Protocol).  These functions can be achieved, albeit manually.

The DS7000 will integrate into existing systems using the DS-5000 it replaces, and will be very familiar and intuitive to use for current Olympus dictation device users.  There is virtually no learning curve.

The Olympus DS7000 is currently available at American Dictation Corp. who provides free shipping, free remote installation and training, and lifetime technical support for all of it’s professional dictation and transcription gear.