A Schuylkill County court in Pennsylvania, is considering switching from a
human court reporter to a digital voice recorder for all custody hearings, the
Standard Speaker recently reported.

After struggling to find replacement for a departing court reporter,
Schuylkill County Court Administrator Lois Wallauer said she plans to use an
$8,850 recording device to fill the vacant position for transcribing testimony
and other statements during court proceedings.

Several modern courtrooms across the country have turned to digital recording
in place of stenographs. Voice recording devices, such as those offered by
American Dictation, can provide a more accurate way of recording everything that
happens in the courtroom, lessening the workload and potential for human error
for court transcriptionists.

Schuylkill County Chairwoman Mantura Gallagher praised the idea of using
modern technology in the county court, noting that it will provide huge savings
if successful.

In the future, Wallauer said recording devices could be used in criminal or
civil trials as well. But for the time being, the devices will be limited to
custody hearings.