Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, a 40-attorney law firm in Wilkes-Barre,
Pennsylvania, recently completed its deployment of a digital dictation solution,
according to a press release.

The law firm, one of the largest in northeastern Pennsylvania, will use voice
recording devices, transcription and legal speech recognition software to
accomplish its goals of better managing workload and increase productivity.

Chief Operating Officer Silvio Talarico said the new deployments have been
especially beneficial in “increasing efficiencies in the administrative
functions of the firm.”

In searching for a solution, Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald said it sought to
place all attorneys and secretaries on a unified dictation and transcription
platform, integrate dictation with document management and voicemail

“Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald is one of those law firms that is forward
thinking, innovative and decisive,” John Methfessel, president and CEO of the
solution vendor chosen by the law firm, said.

Many law firms, healthcare organizations and government agencies are
realizing the benefits of increased productivity and efficiency dictation and
transcription provide. Tools and software, such as Dragon Legal and Dragon
from Nuance, can be found at American Dictation.