The Philips Speech Processing enterprise dictation platform SpeechExec
Enterprise 3.1 was recently certified as Citrix Ready, according to a press
release from Philips.

Products achieve Citrix Ready certification when they are trusted to enhance
offerings from Citrix Systems, a cloud computing services vendor. Wolfgang
Spannlang, product manager at Philips, called the the certification a
“tremendous achievement.”

“Not only does this certification prove that we provide a very stable Citrix
support for a wide range of clients, but we also deliver a high-performance data
transfer with minimum delay which helps to create an efficient workflow system,”
he said.

American Dictation Corp. is a Philips Master Dealer center and offers a full
range of dictation and speech recognition software.

SpeechExec Enterprise is a professional dictation management platform that is
designed for company-wide use. Philips calls the software “future-proof” and
says it’s intuitive interface allows authors and trancriptionists alike to become
quickly acclimated with the software.

Companies and organizations in various industries use dictation and speech
recognition technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their
documentation processes, among other tasks.