Philips SpeechAir WiFi Dictation Recorder

Philips SpeechAir Touch Screen WiFi Dictation Recorder

The future of digital dictation has arrived!

American Dictation is proud to be one of the few authorized supporting dealers of the New Philips SpeechAir digital dictation recorder.

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Philips WiFi digital recorder, the Speech Air


Record and send on the go using built in WiFi

The SpeechAir digital dictation recorder allows the user unprecedented productivity by being the first recorder to harness the power of built in WiFi.  Successful doctors, lawyers and business leaders understand that time is often the most important variable in a diagnosis, document, or deal.  Get there first with the Philips SpeechAir.  The three state of the art internal microphones will assure everything you say is heard clearly.  The ability to send your dictation from anywhere will assure they are heard now.  The on board encryption option ensures that they are only heard by those who are authorized.


Philips SpeechAir WiFI digital dictation recorder


Seamless workflow = increased productivity = increased profitability

The Philips SpeechAir is so coveted because it is so intuitive.  When was the last time you could speed up your process with a product that requires almost a zero learning curve?  The interface is familiar for anyone who has used a smartphone.  Simply record your dictation, select your transcription destination, and send.  The SpeechAir is the first dictation device to have the ability to receive the typed document back.  Its like taking your assistant with you wherever you go.



Beautiful and Durable

Corning’s legendary Gorilla Glass assures years of damage free service.  Scratch and shock resistant, the glass is certified shockproof according to Military Standard 516.6.  In addition, the housing is manufactured using antimicrobial synthetics.  This material work against bacteria and other microorganisms keeping you safer than anything else on the market.


Philips Speech Air anti microbial


Integrated Camera and Bar Code Scanner

Sometimes a picture truly does speak a thousand words.  Want to attach a photograph to your dictation?  Now it is possible for the first time.  Doctors can send an image for a quick colleague opinion, Lawyers can capture and integrate evidence. Insurance adjusters can include pictures of damage along with their voice file.  The uses are endless!


Philips SpeechAir Camera function


Intuitive – Wear Free Slide Switch

If there is one thing we learned as digital dictation technology entered mainstream use, it was that the tape based analog devices had one thing very right.  The slide switch allows the user to freely switch between the record, stop and rewind positions without the need to look at the device.  This also minimizes the chance of pressing the wrong button and dictating, only to find that you have wasted your time.  Sometimes history is the best teacher after all.


Philips Speech Air slide switch digital voice recorder


Docking / Download / Charging Station

The included docking / download and charging station will automatically download and transfer your files to the appropriate person.  No need to open software, route your own files or attach anything.  Simply ” Talk and Dock”.  The station also recharges your device quickly and has a built in LAN connection to allow file transfer without having to use a computer.  Also included is a Kensington Lock to secure your station when left unattended.


Philips Speech Air Dictation Device Docking Station



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