Often, speech recognition software users are tied to their desk to complete
dictations, unable to move about freely because of the hindrances presented by
cords. Many people may not want to sit directly in front of a computer screen
while dictating.

For those professionals who wish to be unencumbered, there is the Philips
LFH3010 SpeechMike Air Slide Switch
. The name is a mouthful, but so are the
devices features and numerous benefits.

Designed specifically for speech recognition, the SpeechMike Air is a
top-of-the-line microphone. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, the device allows
for a fast data transfer rate and secure wireless dictation. It also features
low-power consumption, making the SpeechMike Air perfect for longer

Functionality is unprecedented, as the user never needs to take their hand
off the microphone to control functions and navigation on the computer screen.
That allows for more productive and efficient dictations.

Of course, the device is also comfortable to hold. It features three zones
designed to fit perfectly in the user’s hand, an advantage Philips says has been
proven by users.

“We have deployed many of these in busy clinical settings using speech recognition”  states Paul Ross, of American Dictation Corp.  “Practitioners carry the SpeechMike and small Blue-tooth  dongle with them in their lab coats from room to room and are able to use their own wireless microphone within their EMR from any location”.

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