Philips Speech Processing recently announced its third-generation SpeechMike
digital dictation microphone has been recognized by Nuance Communications for
its superior performance and compatibility with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11
speech recognition software.

Nuance, a leading supplier of speech solutions, awarded the SpeechMike III
with five dragons – the highest possible score for speech recognition

The SpeechMike III is Philips’ latest line of stationary audio recording
devices. It is equipped with noise reduction technology, which can improve
accuracy when used with voice recognition systems in noisy environments, such as
hospitals, courtrooms or conference rooms.

“We are honored to be recognized for our newest SpeechMike recording device’s
ability to deliver accurate speech recognition results,” said Gerhard
Podhradsky, director of Program Management and Innovation Site Speech Processing
at Philips. “We constantly work at improving the accuracy of speech recognition
results and delivering enhanced workflow solutions, so that users of our
solutions see the best results in any setting.”

The SpeechMike III is available in two versions on
According to Philips, the device features an improved ergonomic design and is
available with either push buttons or a slide switch to control dictation