Professionals in search of handheld microphones to accompany their speech recognition software canfinally take a breather. Based on the success of the SpeechMike Air, Philips created the new LFH3210 SpeechMike III device, providing users with a more ergonomic handheld voice recorder.

The new design offers unparalleled accuracy. With improved noise reduction capabilities, SpeechMike III can complement any speech recognition application like the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, allowing you to easily convert any speech into text for your records. The corded microphone has also been optimized for Citrix compatibility as well as software access from several operating systems like Windows XP and 7.

When it comes to the hardware, the LFH3210 has been ergonomically designed with the user’s comfort in mind. From the restructured buttons to the metalized slide switches, SpeechMike III provides intuitive use, reduced finger movements and overall hand strain. The double wall thickness also provides the device some much needed drop resistance.  A push button version is also available

Those in the legal and medical fields can rest assure that with SpeechMike III, their speech recognition needs are met with the highest standards.

The LFH 3210, an ergonomically microphone, redesigned  for speech recognition accuracy and efficiency.