The tech market offers many solutions for your needs, and as these devices
get smaller, their features become more complex. When it comes to digital voice
recorders, Olympus LS-11 leads the pack.


Those who use digital recording equipment for their profession understand that there
are several specifications that comprise a great device, and one of them is
practicality. The Olympus LS-11 hits the mark on this feature. Weighing in at
five ounces, the lightweight device fits perfectly in the palm of your hands.
The design also allows for easier use, with labeled buttons and a big display

However, don’t let the digital voice recorder’s size and easy-to-use
interface fool you. The device is packed with many features that will make your
recording much more convenient. With an 8GB internal memory, the only thing that
will limit your recording session is if you run out of things to say. Those who
aren’t satisfied with the memory can always expand with an SD card, as the
device supports up to a staggering 32GB worth of storage.

Perhaps what separates the Olympus LS-11 from its competitors is its
remarkable recording capabilities that makes any audio sound like it’s coming
right from the very same room.