Note taking is an integral aspect of a private investigator’s job. With
digital dictation tools and software, PIs can ensure their notes are as accurate
as possible when following a subject.

Commonly, companies and insurance agencies hire a private investigate to
validate claims may by injured employees and customers. The PI follows the
subject, taking notes on what he or she observes and submits a report to
contracting organization.

Using a digital voice recorder in the field will allow the PI to take more
accurate notes by dictating exactly what he or she sees. This way, the PI can
also take more notes to formulate a more concise report.

And because the PI has all the notes in a digital format, submission to the
client is an easy process. They can simply hand over the recorded notes, or use
transcription software to turn the audio file into an all encompassing report on
the subject.

Hidden lapel microphones and telephone call recording accessories also greatly benefit the investigator by  avoiding detection and providing an exact record of telephone conversations.

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