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Dragon Professional 15 Individual

Dragon Professional 15 Individual. Available as download. Remote dictation from anywhere using a subscription app.
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*This is a digital download, but may take up to one business day to create your license key.  The download link and your license key will be e-mailed to you as soon as it is assigned*



The world's best speech recognition program for individuals and professionals just got better - AND LESS EXPENSIVE!

"Dragon speech recognition has improved our productivity here at American Dictation so much that we do not hesitate to recommend it to anyone in any industry." — Paul Ross, president of American Dictation

Creating emails, documents and even entering product information into your website, Dragon Professional has changed the way we work. Interacting with your computer by voice is far more productive than typing, even for the professional typist.

Dragon Professional 15 does so much more than type what you say.

Imagine simply saying "insert email signature" and watching your entire email signature appear in seconds. Think of phrases and words you repeatedly type. Now you can crate a simple template to have those words appear whenever you give the command. "Open Microsoft Word," "Open New Client Prospect template." If you can dream it up, Dragon can do it.

Dragon Professional 15 works away from the office too.

Using a digital dictation recorder while on the road allows you to produce documents, CRM entries, and more, all during previously nonproductive time.  Imagine driving home from a client meeting dictating into your recorder as you go.  Upon your return to the office, drop the recorder into its cradle, and watch your document be created in seconds.  Attach or paste it into your client record, and you are ready to tackle your next project.  It's like carrying a secretary around in your pocket.

Dragon Professional 15 offers real-time remote speech recognition for the first time ever.

Using your subscription to the soon-to-be-released Dragon Anywhere app will allow you to complete your work in real-time while using your customized vocabularies, shortcuts, and commands.

  • Adapts to your voice so you can dictate into a document from anywhere
  • Syncs your documents, preferences, and profile with Dragon Professional 14 Individual.
  • Gain immediate access to your dictations.
  • Maximize Productivity

What's New?

Sync with separate Dragon Anywhere mobile app

With Dragon Professional Individual, you can sync your customizations with the separate, cloud-based Dragon Anywhere app that provides professional-grade continuous dictation capabilities on your iOS or Android mobile device. This capability enables you to achieve seamless productivity—both in the office and on the road—for greater efficiency wherever your work takes you.

Advanced custom commands

  • Ability to include variable fields in the body of auto-texts where the user can later type or dictate a specific value. This ability makes it easier to create a template, such as a form with entries, where the fields can be filled out quickly one by one.
  • Include variables in command names, so you don’t have to remember one specific wording
  • Create or import powerful commands to automate tasks (Macro Recorder, Step-by-Step, and VBA-style Advanced Scripting), useful when for example opening a particular document, or formatting, then saving and sending the current document.
  • Organize custom commands in custom groups

Advanced personal administration

Ability to export custom words to XML format to capture their properties, such as custom spacing and capitalization.

Client-based advanced administration

  • Ability to import/export custom commands in the Command Browser
  • Ability to maintain, import, and export multiple vocabularies (for optimal accuracy even on very different topics).
  • Security features for custom commands, such as support for protected commands. When you export a set of custom commands into a file, you can set the permissions on that file so that a user can dictate the commands but cannot view source code, edit or re-export that command, hence protecting the original command.
  • Users can obtain a recognition log file for rich, objective usage data

Transcription Tools

  • Ability to accurately transcribe another single speaker’s voice from pre-recorded audio files or from podcasts without having to create and train a profile using a recording of that single speaker reading pre-selected text.
  • To transcribe an audio file, Dragon checks if your profile needs a transcription source created and will lead you through a training process. If your audio recording is of a different speaker, you must create a new profile. Only a 90-second audio clip of that speaker (instead of the speaker personally present to read a passage) is required for training.
  • .m4a format is now supported (in addition to .wav, .wma, .mp3, .dss and .ds2)
  • Includes option to save synchronized audio from dictation done in certain apps. Dragon saves a .dra file along with the transcribed text file. By doing so, you (or someone else) can reopen the documents later to make corrections after the original dictation session.

Auto-Transcribe Folder Agent

  • Monitors a specific directory to automatically launch transcription
  • Provides a synchronized audio file along with the transcript, for deferred correction
  • Supports .DOC, .RTF and .TXT output formats
  • Run a script (such as an email notification) when a transcription is complete

Extend accessibility and prevent repetitive stress injuries

Dragon Professional Individual supports Section 508 standards to eliminate barriers for individual workers with disabilities that limit their ability to use a keyboard and mouse. In addition, it helps prevent fatigue and repetitive stress injuries by offering a comfortable, ergonomic alternative to the keyboard and mouse.

Easier to use

  • Newly designed Dictation Box, so you can easily create or edit text by voice even in applications not supported by Dragon.
  • Additional help with in-context commands when the user asks “what can I say” at any time, giving you not only a hint on the spot but allowing you to learn these essential commands over time
  • A list of relevant commands will immediately assist you if you ask “what can I say” when working in, for example, Outlook, Word, Word Perfect, Excel, Web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) and on the desktop.
  • The “What can I say” window offers additional help with the following:
  • Show navigation commands
  • Show correction commands
  • Show formatting commands
  • Show punctuation commands
  • Open Help
  • Easier access and management of “Text-and-Graphics” commands (or “auto-texts”) in the Tools menu
  • Easier access and management of user-defined commands in the Tools menu with the “Manage Custom Commands” option.