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Philips ACC8100 Battery Pack for DPM series

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The Philips ACC8100 Battery Replacement or spare battery pack for the DPM series digital dictation recorders (8900, 8000 7000, 6000)

Philips ACC8100 Battery Pack for DPM series

The Philips ACC8100 Battery offers extra long recording

With the new Philips ACC8100 Battery Pack you can record even longer now. No more buying of disposable batteries is needed. Li-ion batteries can store a large amount of energy in a very small, lightweight package. They are quick-charging, safe and reliable.

Specifications of the Philips ACC8100 Battery


Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
Battery type: Lithium ion
Battery voltage: 3.7 V / 3.7 Wh


Philips Pocket Memo dictation recorder DPM8000, DPM7000,  DPM6000 and DPM8900 Conference recording kit.

Green specifications:

Chemical composition: Lithium
Heavy metals: Cd free, Hg free, Pb free


Product dimensions (W×D×H): 34×5.5×55 mm
Weight: 22 g/ 0.78 oz