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Philips DPM6700/03 Complete Dictation and Transcription Kit

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The Philips Complete Dictation and Transcription Kit is everything needed for one dictation device user and one typist, transcriptionist or secretary.

Designed to be used on a shared office network, voice files are transferred automatically to the correct typist every time.

Very user friendly.

Philips Complete Dictation and Transcription Kit TS-6000 (DMP6700)

The Philips complete dictation and transcription starter kit, the TS-6000 is everything the office with a light or occasional dictation workflow needs.

The Philips DPM6000 digital voice recorder is a push button recorder with the ability to record in DSS and MP3 formats.

The only recorder in this price range to boast a large, full color screen, the DPM6000 is easy to read and easier to use.

The stainless steel case provides a protective layer around the state of the art electronics giving years of durability.  It just feels great in your hand.

Also included is the Philips SpeechExec workflow software, which will automatically transfer your voice file to the secretary or transcriptionist seamlessly and automatically on a shared network.

Rounding out the kit is the Philips 7177 transcription kit comprised of a robust digital USB foot pedal, high quality transcription headset, and the corresponding SpeechExec transcription software.