Reinventing the Standard

Olympus introduced the AS-7000 Digital Transcription Kit, along with the DS-7000 Digital Dictation Recorder, in 2012 as part of its reinvention of professional dictation systems. From the bottom up, the entire system was carefully analyzed and improved. Today, the AS-7000 represents one of the most advanced and cost-effective transcription kits on the market.

Professional Features

There are many PC transcription kits available today – many from small independent programmers. The AS-7000 transcription kit excels due to the fact that it was created by the same engineers who create the Olympus Professional digital dictation recorders. As such, the ODMS software, which is the backbone of the system, gives both dictator and transcriptionist professional features that are simply not found from third-party providers.

Olympus AS-5000 Software Screenshot

For the typist, the AS-7000 Transcription Kit provides:

  • Complete Kit. Includes software, stereo under-chin headset, and transcribers footswitch.
  • File Management. Know which voice files are new, in progress or finished. Automatically purge old, finished voice files to save room, or archive for future retrieval.
  • Routing. Separate voice files by author or work type. Control your work priorities.
  • Automatic Document Creation. Create a linked document using a prescribed template when beginning a transcription. Helps maintain auditing.
  • Security. Voice files can be encrypted, both on the PC or server and while sending over the Internet.
  • Networking. Shares files on a local area network server, or received dictation by e-mail or FTP. Citrix and Terminal Services support is also available using customized multi-licenses.
  • Fidelity. Supports the new DSS Pro audio format for improved quality, as well as MP3, WAV, WMA and more.
  • Flexibility. You can design the layout of the DSS Player Pro Transcription Module interface to best suit your working style. Show/hide/arrange columns, apply sorts and filters, arrange toolbars.
  • Mac Compatibility. The AS-7000 is one of the few professional transcription system to include a Mac OSX version (Mac version does not include Internet sending/receiving).

$349.99 SRP*

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Olympus AS-5000 Brochure

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