Philips Complete Conference Recording System the DPM8900

Designed to capture your meetings, the Philips Conference Recording System DPM-8900 provides excellent sound quality combined with easy-to-use technology. Simple to set up, the kit comes in an elegant metal case. The innovative conference microphones provide a 360 degree pickup pattern for maximum coverage.

Make Every Meeting a Success

The DPM-8900 system is a complete system, containing all the pieces and parts you need to record your conferences with confidence, flexibility and quality.

Includes Everything You Need

Digital Pocket Memo DPM 8900

Philips COnference recording kit DPM8900 recorder in cradleA special edition of the Philips Digital Pocket Memo with two-channel audio recording provides a crystal clear recording of everything that is said. Completed recordings can be quickly transferred to a PC via a USB cable or SD card for archiving or transcription.

Conference Microphone

Philips Conference recording kit DPM8900 boundary microphoneThe Boundary Layer microphone is ground-breaking. It allows sound pick-up from a 360-degree radius for comprehensive recording. The unique appearance, with a plate-shaped footprint, provides the ideal conducting surface to enable sound to reach the microphone by capturing reflecting sound waves from the table top. For larger gatherings, the microphones can be extended by connecting additional microphones in a “daisy-chain” of up to three microphones per channel (six in all). The microphone cable stores in the bottom of the microphone making storage a snap.

Remote Control

Philips conference recording kit DPM8900 remote controlMajor recording functions can be managed with the included remote control. The robust design guarantees a recording process without distraction, enabling the user to start or stop the recording, insert index marks (for later identifying key moments during transcription), and create new files.

Interview Recording

Philips conference rcording kit DPM8900 recorder isolatedNot only is the Philips 8900 a great conference recording system, it includes a stereo microphone to allow you to use the Digital Pocket Memo recorder as a one-on-one interview recorder.

One System

Philips Conference Recording kit DPM8900 pack shotThe elegant, yet rugged, metal carrying case gives you easy transportation of the equipment from one meeting to the next. The foam interior protects your gear, while the locking clasps helps keep your equipment secure.



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Now What?

Now that you have your meeting recorded in high-quality digital, you may want to transcribe minutes of the gathering, whether verbatim or as a summary.

The ideal solution is the Philips 7277 SpeechExec Pro Transcription Kit. The included SpeechExec Pro Transcribe software can manage the downloading and archiving of your voice files, as well as allow you to control playback using the USB foot pedal.

Philips transcription kit 7277

You can listen to either or both of the stereo channels, allowing you to isolate certain voices by reducing the volume of the other channel.

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