Philips SpeechExec Pro Software

Direct, automated integration with Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional and Legal – Save time and money!

SpeechExec Pro dictation and transcription software facilitates the sharing and archiving of dictations and streamlines communication between author and transcriptionist, further adding to the benefit of Philips digital dictation devices. Featuring a modern and intuitive user interface, SpeechExec Pro boasts the latest digital dictation technology.

For Authors

Take control of your dictations:

  • Efficient handling of sound files from dictation to archiving makes job retrieval simple and fast.
  • Priority indexing allows authors to easily define urgent jobs.
  • Spoken instructions improve communication with the transcriptionist.
  • Data protection (encryption/decryption) allows only authorized personnel to access your documents.


For Transcriptionists

Manage your workflow:

  • Clear job overview enables more efficient organization and planning of workloads.
  • Access to job information during transcription.
  • “New job” notification for immediate transcription start.
  • Flexibility to edit author errors ensures high accuracy.
  • Foot control allows full keyboard control and eliminates mouse usage.



SpeechExec Pro is included with the following Philips digital dictation products:

DPM8000 Digital Pocket Memo

SpeechMike Air LFH 3010

SpeechMike Premium Slide Switch LFH 3510

SpeechMike Premium Push Button LFH 3500

7277 Transcription Kit

You can also purchase separate licenses to installation on other workstations.


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