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The Philips Transcription Kit

Philips Transcription has earned a reputation throughout the world as a leader in innovative technology designed to help you work faster and smarter. The 7277 SpeechExec Pro Transcription Kit exemplifies that commitment.

Easy Processing

The 7277 SpeechExec Pro Transcription Kit is a powerful and user-friendly digital transcription system that turns your computer into a highly sophisticated transcription machine. Providing a whole range of benefits to the busy transcriptionist, the software streamlines communications and allows you to organize recordings clearly and transparently. Along with a set of ergonomic accessories, the Philips 7277 SpeechExec Pro Transcription Kit is the solution that sets the pace in today’s fast-moving business world.

Workflow Management

The 7277 can help manage your dictation workflow in sophisticated, yet easy-to-use ways:

  • Simple control of all SpeechExec transcription functions with foot control for hands-free transcription.
  • The main application window displays a clear job overview of all dictation files and properties.
  • Automatic job notification ensures immediate notice of the arrival of a new dictation file.
  • Individual sort and filter options allow the organization of workload.
  • Attaching a document directly to the dictation speeds up the workflow.

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Philips 7277 Brochure

Philips 7277 Brochure

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