Call in or telephone dictation systems

Philips 9850 Telephone Dictation Recorder

Apptec Digitel Telephone Dictation System

Telephone Dictation

Apptec Call in dictation system.

Use any phone, any time, anywhere.  What could be more convenient?

A Smartphone or iPhone is not suited to being used as a dictation recorder. The memory, and routing functions are lacking, even with the newest apps.

The Apptec DigiTel telephone dictation system is the answer for professionals who wish to save time and effort by dictating patient or client reports and documents as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Simply plug a regular telephone line into the DigiTel pod, and plug the USB cable into a computer, and you have a dedicated, customizable, expandable system at your ready

Very popular for remote transcriptionists, Hospital dictation stations, and Law Enforcement applications. Callers are assigned an ID, and dictations are routed where they need to be. You assign the user numbers, voice telephone prompts and all other data in formats you want.  No set number of digits or rigid entry requirements.

Can be easily configured to replace an aging call in dictation system with the exact same interface as your old one.  No learning curve!

Included software will even send your dictation to a remote transcriptionist and route it to the correct folder, 100% automated.

Up to 1,000 users, and 32 incoming telephone lines. Fully scalable to meet your needs


It’s not magic- It’s DigiTel!                                                                              Click Here for More information