If you are known in your office as a multi-tasking extraordinaire, make your
job easier by letting your computer do the work for you with  Dragon 11
Professional Wireless,
  the latest offering by Nuance, the world’s leader in speech recognition software solutions.

The average business professional can speak much faster that they can type.  Using Nuance’s speech recognition software will immediately increase productivity, without a large upfront cost. An entrepreneur’s dream come true.  Also, Dragon NaturallySpeaking cannot misspell a word, something that cannot be said for most business people (myself included).


Not only will Dragon 11 turn your voice into text, the program can also be
used to make various computer tasks easier. Dragon 11 Pro was designed specifically
for the professional user in mind and simple but tedious tasks like writing
e-mails can be accomplished by using voice commands.

Imagine sitting at your desk and simply saying “Send email to ….” and having your email client open up, fill in the recipient information, then dictating the body of your message and speaking “send”.  All instantly and automatically.  In an average day, how much time could that save?

Next you could state “search the web for ….”  Again, your browser opens, your preferred search engine is populated with your search term, and the results appear like magic.  You can even maneuver through he results by voice.

In a fast-paced environment, voice recognition software is often used to
eliminate the task of manually transcribing audio recordings into text. With
Dragon 11, you can skip that step and directly dictate into your computer with
the included Plantronics Callisto Bluetooth Wireless Headset.

Dragon 11 Professional Wireless takes it a step further, allowing you to move about your office, untethered to the computer by a wired headset.

Just imagine all that you can do while you’re dictating an e-mail message to
your computer as opposed to typing it up. You don’t even have to be in front of
your computer – with the wireless headset included, you can easily walk around
your office and tend to your managerial responsibilities as you verbalize an
e-mail on your wireless device.

In fact, we use Dragon Pro to input our product information to our site, write blog postings, and otherwise squeeze every ounce of productivity out of our normal hectic workdays.

Click on one of the product links above to see a brief video of Dragon Speak Professional 11 in action.