Transcriptionists converting submitted digital audio files into a text
document require high-quality sound to ensure they complete the job quickly and
accurately. The Philips 334 transcribing stereo headphones can help make that

Professionals utilizing digital dictation equipment may not always submit files that
are crystal clear, which can add unwanted headaches to a transciptionist’s job.
However, with high-quality headsets, the transcriptionist can more easily deal
with those muffled voices in the background or the creaking door picked up on
the recording.

The Philips 334 is an under-the-chin headset designed for comfort. It’s
lightweight design, cushioned earpieces and positioning on the head make long
transcription sessions possible, a necessity given the volume of jobs that may
pile up.

Philips’ headsets include several other features that enhance the quality
of sound. The 14-millimeter speaker driver and gold-plated plug ensure a
reliable connection to the jack, while a neodymium magnet enhances

Also, a 10-foot cable gives the transcriptionist the ability to move about
his or her work area, while never removing the headset.

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