If you are in need of a new general recording device, you might want to check out
the new Zoom H2 Portable Recorder, a stylish gadget that you can carry with you
wherever you may go.


The Zoom H2’s design is reminiscent of old ribbon microphones used by disc
jockeys and announcers of the past. It may have been for nostalgic purposes, but
the construction of the device actually had ergonomics in mind. The intuitive
interface allows for one-button recording – all you have to do is press the red
dot in the middle. The large display screen also gives you important information
about the recording. For those who may get tired of constantly holding their
devices, the Zoom H2 also comes with a desktop stand so you can make good use of
your hands.

I use this as a standalone recording device for small meetings on a standard conference table.  It has the ability to record in a 360 degrees, allowing a user to place it on the table, on it’s included screw-in base, and capture all conversation in high quality audio.  The benefits of this system are the lack of wires, and the fact that the microphone element is raised off of the table, avoiding papers sliding over the unit, causing noise and interference.  As well as looking great, the recorder can capture up to around 8 speakers around a table with incredible accuracy.

Besides its design, the device’s features are also advantageous to any
professional in need of an all-around recording device. With a 1GB SD card
included, you can actually expand up to 16GB for hundreds of hours of audio recording.

In addition, the recorder can be uses as a high quality direct input microphone when plugged directly into a computer via USB port.  This allow the unit to be used for direct recording, Skype, and many other applications.

Additional Information is available at American Dictation Corp., we are a national leader in recording, dictation, transcription, and speech recognition technology.