For people looking to record an interview or lecture, failing to get a
seat in the front row can be devastating to voice recording efforts. Speakers
don’t always project past the first few rows of seats, causing a recording from
the back of the room to be unusable.

However, a digital voice recorder offered by Philips helps eliminate the need
to race to the front of the room to snag a prime seat. The Philips LFH0652
Digital Voice Tracer
features an enhanced capability that can actually turn up
the volume of low speech.


It’s called ClearVoice, and it may be the one function that sets the Philips
device apart from the rest on the market. With ClearVoice, the LFH0652 adjusts
to quiet passages dynamically to capture the lowest of voices.

A key to this function is the enhanced signal-to-noise ratio of the
recorder’s microphone. The device picks up more voice signal, because the
recording sensitivity is increased, without hindering the sound quality of a
recording. That means a back-row seat will be just as good as one in the front
row when recording a conference or lecture.

For additional information on digital voice recorders for meetings, interviews and other uses, visit American Dictation Corp.