Contrary to popular belief, technology does not change in the blink of an
eye. Tape recorders, for example, were used for years before the world moved to
digital recording.  Recording is made easy when using a handheld recorder.

Today, professionals everywhere are making the most out of handheld digital
pocket recorders that require a memory card as opposed to tape. Instead of
lasting around an hour, these new devices, such as the Sanyo ICR-FP700D Digital
Voice Recorder, can support up to 8GB of audio space. This means you can talk as
long as you want until you run out of things to say.

Being a handheld device, the Sanyo Digital Voice Recorder is the perfect
choice for those who prefer to walk around while they are dictating. Like
doctors who are always on the go, a device such as this can easily be brought
around with ease by anyone with an active profession.

Transferring the data for transcribing can also be done in a snap. You can
either use a USB connector with your computer or remove the SD card if you have
a reader. Moving data from the recorder to your typist has never been so quick and easy.