Companies and organizations that utilize outsourced transcription services as
part of their digital dictation deployment must ensure their vendors have
reliable security measures in place, according to a Law Technology News

For healthcare organizations, failing to comply with information security
requirements under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability and
Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Acts can result
in fines and sanctions.

“Security and confidentiality should be at the top of your list when
considering an outsourced dictation service,” advises the Law Technology News

And, because many services transcribe digital information, it is important to
use secure file transfer applications when exchanging data. This will ensure
confidential information is protected when transmitted.

Law Technology News also advises organizations to research where a
transcription vendor’s typists are located, as sending information offshore may
be riskier than using domestic services.

Digital dictation platforms have been heralded for their cost and time
savings benefits for companies in various industries.