As the world becomes increasingly digitized, many schools are focusing less
on handwriting lessons and are investing more resources into bringing kids up to
speed on their typing. One feature that may begin to appear in such classrooms
is digital dictation technology. Schools are now
teaching dictation and transcription.

While it’s important for all students to learn the basics of writing and
typing, it’s also crucial to introduce them at an early age to the technology
that’s shaping up to become a mainstay in the future. Digital dictation has
changed the way that hospitals, law firms, law enforcement officials,
corporations and government offices record their documents, and many consumers
have streamlined their projects with the technology as well. It is also changing
the way students are learning.

Digital dictation makes it possible to record your speech in a high-fidelity
file format, and kids will profit from the ability to quickly and accurately
take voice notes once they mature and take on heavier course loads. By  using
a voice recorder, students can focus on the class.  Teaching dictation and
transcription will improve student typing proficiency.

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