Digital dictation, once the tool of doctors, lawyers and executives, may also help secretaries become more organized, while also
easing the burden of performing many of the menial tasks that fall under the
umbrella of their responsibilities.

In terms of organization, secretaries can use digital voice recorders to
compile to-do lists and keep track of shipments both in and out of their
offices. Once the information is in a digital file, the secretaries can
transcribe their notes into a word document and have them readily available at
all times Maintaining the original voice file in an archive gives them a record of exactly what the job or task requirements were.

Secretaries also spend a good chunk of their workday answering phone calls
and taking messages. Instead of verbally relaying phone messages or handwritten
notes, secretaries can use digital dictation. They can record the message and
all important information – who the message is from, a phone number to reach the
person and what time works – and distribute it as needed.

Not only will this allow the secretary to transfer the message to the
intended recipient, such as through email, but it also creates a documented file
of the call, a feature sorely lacking in voice mail systems.

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