To further save time, many medical professionals choose to outsource the
transcription of digital dictation audio files to a third-party service.
Outsourced transcriptionists handle the work of converting an audio file to
text, while boasting a short turnaround time.

However, when sending audio files containing personal health information to
transcription services, medical professionals must ensure they adhere to HIPAA
requirements. Utilizing a secure file transfer service, such as Novusfiles, is
one way that’s most recommended by experts.

These services transmit dictation files to and from healthcare professionals
while relying on encryption to fully protect patient information. In fact, the
Novusfiles services
provides the same level of encryption used by banks and
government agencies. According to HIPAA, all health information must be
encrypted when sent over an open network.

Also, healthcare professionals have found secure file transfer solutions easy
to use because there is no software to download and no software fees.

Doctor’s have full control over the files they send with the ability to add
notes to each or mark urgent files to ensure they are returned in a timely